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They may simply make no invention at all and pick some alternative physical form to use in their drug. These tactics result in blocking generic drug approval and keeping drug prices high for consumers. There are some who argue that IPRs do not make it difficult for generic drugs to enter the market.



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And ten months in this world, particularly with blockbuster drugs, is a lot of money for consumers. Three copies of the application are required, an archival copy, a review copy, and a field copy. In addition, brand name firms commonly introduce authorized generics on the eve of generic competition.



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However, because these drugs are developed through an NDA process by the brand company, they are not always initially more affordable than other true generics and may result in higher copays.



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BPCIA litigation and IPR proceedings, the proposed amendment would prohibit using IPR outcomes as a basis for a Paragraph IV certification that a patent is invalid.

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This is, arguably, distinguishable from arguments that would arise in the research tools context, insofar as the ultimate drug product, while not directly incorporating the patented invention, would not exist but for the research tool.

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House bill, though I do have very serious concerns about the areas in which there are significant differences in this approach, and I will touch on those in a minute.

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Your client should carefully plan the filing of its ANDA to allow sufficient time to obtain FDA approval and prepare to start marketing its product soon after approval so that it meets the statutory time frames.

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ANDA upon filing a patent infringement suit against the ANDA applicant within statutory time limits. Usually, costs for authorized generics should be lower and similar to other generics at the pharmacy. NDA holder that is predicated on the excluded use.

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