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Questionnaire On Adventure Tourism In India

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The choice between two modeshaving a permanent connection to the data server or downloading and saving the data on the phone as the user traverses the destination. We are also asking the participants to come in their own cars to reduce the interactions. Empowering Women and Girls through Sports: An Evaluation of a US Department of State Sports Diplomacy Initiative.


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This includes accommodations capacity, attractions present in the destination, visitor profiles and statistics, challenges present in the tourism industry, etc. These sites allow individuals to change the content and look and feel of their profile page. Community demographics in terms of race, gender, ability, and education should also be captured and monitored.


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Destination Oman website and get useful suggestions and tips on how to arrive, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, where to shop, what to experience, and more, best suiting your preferences and budget!

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