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Protocol Protocol Another Nancyful classic starring Goldie Hawn this movie. Social distancing protocols inspire virtual visits with Santa. Superstar Goldie Hawn The First Wives Club Private Benjamin is a spirited DC cocktail waitress who through a series of comic misadventures becomes an.

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Stars Goldie Hawn Chris Sarandon Andre Gregory Cliff De Young Ed Begley Jr Gail. 194 Press Photo Actress with dogs who are starring in Protocol. Kurtz played Goldie Hawn's supportive sister in which 190s comedy film A Wildcats B Overboard C Protocol D Private.

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Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase - in an old-fashioned romantic farce. Goldie Hawn Wacky Like a Fox The Washington Post.

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Novel of the same name and co-starred with Goldie Hawn in Protocol 194.

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As explained in a 23 Dec 194 NYT article star and executive producer Goldie Hawn conceived the initial idea for Protocol which represented the debut project.

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