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Business Day, the due date thereof shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day and, with respect to payments of principal, interest shall be payable during such extension at the applicable rate in effect immediately prior to such extension.

 Nonperforming loans, troubled debt restructurings and impaired loans are defined differently. 

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When asked, one Small Entity Representative mentioned that at times people may use a homesecured loan to finance a business, which was corroborated by a different Small Entity Representative based on his personal experience with starting a business.

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Freddie Mac have established recommended servicing practices for delinquent borrowers in their servicing guidelinesand align their modification incentives with the number of days the mortgage loan is delinquent when the borrower enters a trial period plan.

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Federal Reserve policies also forbid the payment by bank subsidiaries of management fees which are unreasonable in amount or exceed the fair market value of the services rendered or, if no market exists, actual costs plus a reasonable profit.

Further, as discussed above, the Bureau believed a limited list would enable servicers to allocate resources to respond to errors in a manner that would ultimately benefit borrowers.

RESPA requires that charges related to forceplaced insurance, other than charges subject to State regulation as the business of insurance, be bona fide and reasonable.

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Thus, the market for forceplaced insurance may not fully reflect the interests of borrowers in minimizing forceplacement and the amount of time forceplaced insurance is in effect.

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Compliance with these policies and procedures will require servicers to devote resources to the proper evaluation of borrowers, presumably by investing in the staff, training and technology that the research shows leads, through some process, to more trial modifications.