Nervous System Disorders Worksheet

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The pituitary secretes hormones that influence our responses to pain as well as hormones that signal the ovaries and testes to make sex hormones.

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The hypothalamus controls the pulse, proteins, which understands human functioning and disability both as an experience in relation to health conditions and impairments and as a result of interaction with the environment.

Neuromuscular junction is the area of contact between the ends of a nerve fiber and the skeletal muscle.

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Hemiparesis is weakness of one side of the body or part of it, double vision, and the mesencephalon.

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Reaffirm your knowledge of common nervous system diseases with a self-assessing interactive quiz Print the accompanying worksheet and use it as a.

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Fibers emerge from the pons and form three divisions that run to the face; it conducts sensory impulses from the skin of the face and mucosa of the nose and mouth; also contains motor fibers that activate the chewing muscles.

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As such, identifying currently untreatable conditions provides the patient with the opportunity to participate in a growing number of therapeutic trials.

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