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One such alternative is offering employees an incentive to obtain the vaccination. In previously published guidance on the issue the EEOC specifically stated that a wellness program is voluntary where the employer neither requires employee. Finally, employers will need to consider the incentive itself.



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On this basis, Judge Bates remanded the rules back to the EEOC for reconsideration. This guidance replaces wellness regulations vacated in January 2019. Need help opening a PDF or DOC file?



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Incentive level was voluntary in accordance with ADA and GINA requirements. That said, vaccine administration is almost always accompanied by medical questions to ascertain whether the person is susceptible to an allergic reaction, etc.

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Employers that welcomed the EEOC guidance for creating clarity about permissible wellness program practices now face new uncertainty as the rules could change yet again.

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Under EEOC guidance as a measure to ensure the voluntary nature of the program as. If the reasonable alternative standard is a diet program, the employer does not need to pay for the cost of food but must pay any membership or participation fee.

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